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  • Mario
    The gel has helped to not only increase size, but also to give new sensations in sex. For the month of use, was able to obtain an increase of 4 cm, in principle, the more I is not necessary. Duration of the sexual act becomes more almost two times, and after the first erection and ejaculation, the excitement comes very quickly. Think that the main secret to the regularity of the proceedings, and that, in order to smear some of the gel without too much pressure. The woman the love, full of harmony and mutual understanding in the bed, which is very important during the 8th year of marriage. Recommends titanium!
  • Giovanna
    The husband used titanium 1.5 months, during this time, managed to 4.5 cm to increase the length and 1 cm the diameter of the penis. Was shocked of such a result, the nights are brighter and more interesting. Write a notice to recommend the girls of this tool. Help your husband and yourself to achieve new results. The husband with the device of the new size, became more self-confident, soon we expect to improve the work. In general, the only advantages of the gel.
  • Francesco
    Freezing multi-function, I use it differently. To increase the size of the dishes each day, in the evening, it is not important will be sex or not, just as the ointment. If even planned a meeting with a girl, a lubricant before the sexual act. In this case, the gel works as an excellent aphrodisiac. The worth of soak how to start the inflow of blood to the groin area, the skin is hot and appears to be the erection. You can make a layer thick, and then Titanium a will descend as a lubricant. It intensifies the sensations, and the sex brings more pleasure.
  • Giovanni
    Titanium has not increased in size, but all the same put of the farm 5. Immediately after application of the gel, in the groin, you get a pleasant heat, a friend rises and increases the time of the act. An erection stable, the sex time is prolonged, the sensation of light. I find that the medicine acts on the susceptibility of women. When the most abundant of the application of gel behaves as a lubricant when vaginal dryness, facilitates the penetration. I have even improved the quality of the sperm, it was more thick and was not quite the pleasant scent. Now the girlfriend of him-even initiates hugs well avoided. Titanium a good effect on my health, intimate life and psychological state. I've become more calm and confident, not afraid of lack in bed, or simply lose the desire. The libido is just the opposite, has further increased: I've already prepared for the battle without lengthy preludes and extra stimulation. I the packaging is not enough to continue I'm going to order more. Price for such an effective and useful tool of all funny, which is less expensive than a donation. On the site of the application processed quickly, be provided without delay.
  • Angelo
    Titanium operates gradually and has built-in effects. On the 1st week, there was no change. Just was going to the accumulation of minerals in the deep layers of the skin and the corpus cavernosum. Although the impact of the fair superficial, the active components quickly in the bloodstream. On the 2nd week has produced an improvement of the erection. She became more strong and prolonged. The sensitivity of the genital organs is improved. Began the slow size increase in length and size. On the 3rd week of the sexual organ has acquired the form more attractive, the head is clearly the fruit. Increased the duration of sexual intercourse, the sensation of sex have become quite different. More fun received and I, and the partner. Of the 4th week, dimensions reach the maximum. Length has increased by almost 5 cm in size 2, without erection parameters have not changed. Apply titanium you can yourself and with the girl. It turns into a sexual game. The friction of a gel after the shower (when the skin is well steamed and the pores opened to maximum) gives the best results. The authority has increased as a result of natural processes, and not by hormones.
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