Is it possible to enlarge the penis vacuum pump?

One of the most well-known penis enlargement is empty depression. Principle of operation a pump is fairly easy, using the vacuum creates an area of low pressure around the penis, which causes an influx of blood to an organ, following which it swells and hardens. This process in medicine is called "hyperthermia".

The blood during an erection, fills tissue member, why they are very distended. Vacuum pump is not only forced to blood in the trap, but locks there. This means that, with the help of hyperaemia the male sexual organ can be in an excited state for quite a long time from 30 minutes to an hour.

the penis pump

At this time, there are several types of pumps, which are divided into 2 categories: manual and electric. Manual vacuum pumps, much less their electrical analogues. They represent a form of hollow cylinder, made from the acrylate or plastic, a length of about 20 cm and a diameter of 5 to 7 cm, which communicates with a manual pump. With the help of the hand pump is fairly easy pumped the air out of the cylinder. In the electrical appliances, a vacuum is created in pump, ensuring constant and uniform suction of air. Some models even have a special button which allows to determine the intensity of the process of the creation of the vacuum.

Many believe that, with the help of the pump, you can increase the member. But it should be noted that the length of the growth not only depends on the regularity of the application of the device, but the time of the procedure and the anatomical peculiarities of the most of men. In fact, after having found in tube member becomes very thick and fleshy, but this increase is only temporary and mainly linked to the accumulation in the body of the lymph. In a few hours, this liquid leaves the member, and he acquired again to the old size.

Remember that the penis using the vacuum pump is quite difficult, in this case, it is necessary to observe many of the recommendations. It is interesting to note that the flights of the pump from a sex-shop will not work, because they are designed for the call of the erection in his absence, and not to the stretching of the tissues of the penis. The pump to increase the size of the male of the authority should have a pressure gauge, replacement of the cylinders (calculated on the size of a member), and the powerful hand pump. Of course, such a device is quite expensive.

It is interesting to note that the efficiency of this method is not in line with expectations. First of all, there is a high probability of entry in the lymph tissue, which can cause a swelling of the penis. In addition, when the excessive use of the vacuum pump on the head of a member can occur cracks, which is very long and difficult to heal. And if poorly set the pressure level, there may be ruptures of the capillaries. In this case, the changes are not the size of the penis, but only its color (because of the bleeding, it becomes bluish).

How to use the pump for penis

For what purpose You have not used the vacuum pump, you must comply with the hygiene recommendations. Before you apply, and according to him, the device must rinse with warm water and soap. In any case, you can't have an impact on the pump of the boiling water and boil. If the product You switch to another person, it should be treated an antiseptic substance. Don't forget also the fragility of the pump, do not throw and do not strike the product. Store necessary at temperatures up to 35 degrees in a dry place, sheltered from the direct rays of the sun place.

Before using the pump for men it is recommended to lubricate the nozzle to the plastic base of the bulb lubricant. But remember that fat on the basis of fat can damage the material of the product. In the cavity of the bulb must enter the penis, and then tightened to the body. Preferably, before this, apply a special cream of the penis, which improves blood circulation. Once the member is introduced into the pump to be pumped the air, by creating inside discharged to the atmosphere, which leads to an influx of blood.

Instructions for use of the vacuum pump is manifested in the observance of the following procedure. Then, on the one hand, you have to hold the bottle, while the other time to press on the pear or the piston for the pumping of the air. It is necessary to tighten the hole on the bottle, but if the sealing is created with the aid of a valve, make sure it is fully closed. You will notice a slight redness of the penis and the occurrence of erection. After 30 seconds, the impact of the valve opens and a vial of spear from the air.

the increase in a member of the marching band

After the weakening of erection can continue with the procedure. The representatives of the stronger sex need to use the pump to empty about 15-20 minutes in a single procedure. During this time, the erection of a duration of a minute can arrive 15 to 20 times. To achieve the long-term result, the pump it is advisable to use regularly, once in two days. The first two weeks of a device, you should use it every day in the time, but it is best 1-2 hours before sleep, and from the third donned the duration of the exposure, the vacuum may be increased up to 1 minute, while increasing the rest time of 2 minutes. If, after the masseur's erection quickly weakens, with vacuum pump it is advisable to apply a ring which is fixed on the base of the penis. With him, lingers a fast flow of blood.

It is to be noted that the pomp and women, for example, for a breast augmentation. Thus, the bowl of the device you need to wear on the chest so that it is perpendicular to flow in the body and has been closely tight. Then, with the help of the pear-pumped the air, thanks to what dairy iron increases by approximately 2, 5 to 7 seconds in the air again. The procedure must be repeated within a period of 5 minutes for each breast. To obtain a result that the vacuum pump will need to use all the days in the morning and in the evening.

The pump can also be used for the clitoris. The suction cup mount you need to attach it to the clitoris, but before that, a place of exhibition for the lubrication of the lubricant. After this, close the air valve on the pipe using the pear pump the air bulb. Every 10-15 minutes, you need to take a break, for too long to not hinder the movement. Device for vacuum massage simulates the sensation, which are tested during caresses, with which you can solve the problems with the realization of the clitoral orgasm.

Don't forget some counter-indications to the use of vacuum massager. Generally, it is the heart failure, mental disorders, inguinal hernia, diseases of the circulatory system, tumors, dilatation of the veins of the spermatic cord, dropsy of the testicles, phimosis, irritation, and disease of the skin of the genitals, lesions, and venereal diseases and the aggravation of the chronic inflammation. In all cases, before using the pump, you need to consult a specialist.

Of course, You can learn properly and carefully to enjoy of the pump, but it is still desirable to apply it on the purpose for the call of the erection.