The increase of virility

The hot topic among the men, and the women – the length and thickness of the penis. Almost all the representatives of the stronger sex, sure that the huge member of admiration among the girls, the envy of his friends. But not the kind granted to the waist, who wants to brag about.

penis enlargement

Plastic surgery is able to achieve this dream and to "give" of the reproduction of the body of the desired size. However, the operation carries certain risks, can lead to complications – are rare, is relatively expensive – not every man can afford such a "pleasure".

With the help of intervention, you can increase the length of reproductive authority, to change the thickness in a big way. And in severe cases, the operation is used to retrieve the sexual organ with stripes – installation of a prosthesis. The last option is the most expensive.

How much does a surgery of increase of a member, the fee will be to the surgery – consider the following.

An operation to increase the penis

Before sanctifying the cost of the operation to increase the member, we will examine what types of intervention are, to what doctor it is necessary to address and what are the indications for performing a medical procedure.

The increase of the manhood is made for medical reasons or at the request of the men. The testimonies are innate/acquired to the curvature of the phallus, the violation of vascular activity, which has led to impotence, micro penis size of the penis up to four inches in erection, or a maximum of traction.

The intervention takes place in an urban hospital or a private care facility. In hospitals the only desire of the patient is insufficient, need directions absolute to such manipulation. Therefore, for men who want to "break-up" with a small penis, the only outcome is a private clinic.

Modern health facilities that offer these types of intervention:

  • Lipo-filling;
  • Muscle transplantation;
  • The prosthesis.

Each clinic has its own price list of services. Before the procedure the patient and it is absolutely necessary to pass an exam for a plastic surgeon of foreclosure of against-indications.

The first consultation the doctor can guide the patient, how much does the operation itself – the price depends on the method.

Also in the costs to include him-even the opinion of a doctor of the qualification, the more expensive the reception.

Lipo-filling: peculiarities of the procedure and the cost

In the present appeal procedure in cases where the man is not satisfied with the thickness of the organ of reproduction. This method allows to increase the diameter of the penis. The essence of the procedure – transfer of lipid from the cells of a body part in the phallus. In some cases, an alternative to the fat cells have the muscle tissue. But this option is fraught with complications – develops in 80% of clinical paintings.

The lack of the ram, and the handling are a temporary result. The practice shows that, in a few years, the cell disappears, in consequence of which the authority is to its previous thickness. So, men should ask for help again, to live again with a thin penis.

The muscle graft provides a result of a lifetime. But, as mentioned above, often leads to the development of complications. There is a risk that the graft is not used, then all actions are in vain.

On the cost of the procedure depends on the following factors:

the increase in the volume of a member
  1. Type of health facility.
  2. The pricing policy of the clinic.
  3. The geographic location.
  4. The qualification of the operating doctor.

How much is an operation to enlarge the penis? After having analyzed the prices of several clinics, we can say that the price varies from 1000 to 3500 thousands of dollars. This rate does not include the prior consultation of a doctor, analyses.

Cheaper to do the transaction in small towns, the cost varies from 500 to 900 dollars.

The completion of the transaction and the price of increase of the member

The essence of the procedure, a doctor arrives to take charge of the ligaments of the organ of reproduction, removes them, aims a little higher. Through these actions can not free the internal part of the manhood, as a result it is more than a few centimetres.

Very impressive, the result is not expected. A lot of men get it wrong, that the operation is the panacea in their case. They believe that, with the help of the operation, you can increase a member on five and ten centimeters. But this is not the case. And a plastic surgeon, nothing depends on.

The result of the operation depends on how many centimeters has been hidden inside of men. In this success are those of the intervention, when the doctor increased the penis of 2.5-3 to see if the operation is output in the case where the men a member of a really small – the 10 and 11 centimetres.

How much does a penis? Price is the following:

  • Cost of operations in the clinic. It varies from 300 to 1000 dollars.
  • The consultation of doctor. The price varies from 50 to 100 dollars;
  • The analyses. The cost depends on the number of prices, the policy of the laboratory.

After the surgery, the patient will wear a stent – a special device that takes the sexual organ. In some cases, this device is already included in the cost of the operation, and sometimes not. So, will have to spend extra money.

The price of the device varies from 100 to 400 dollars.

The cost of microsurgical muscle transplantation

Each a modern clinic, with a good reputation, proposed an increase in the organ of reproduction by microsurgical muscle transplantation. This operation is the most complex of all, often leads to the development of negative consequences.

In the first place, you should seek the advice of a doctor. It is recommended to choose carefully the clinic, to examine carefully the evidence available on the Internet are not only on it, but the professionals who work in a care facility. Indeed, the operation does not make the clinic, but directly to the doctor.

The registry may not apply, which leads to the need to remove it, it is thus necessary to carefully choose a physician. The wrong operation can lead to what the member ceases to be standing or necrosis of tissue.

Muscle of the transplanted organ can increase and the length and thickness of the penis. Through this procedure, you can extend the sexual organ of 3 to 4 centimetres, and this is the best result, if we compare with the operation. The cost of the procedure 1500-2500$.

Also, the patient must pay for:

  1. Pre-consultation with the doctor.
  2. The analyses of the urine are sources the blood.
  3. The research on the venereal diseases of the infection.

Before the procedure, the patient is necessarily communicates with the anesthesiologist. As the rules of this consultation included in the price of the transaction. But in some clinics can go separate cheque.

The installation of the prosthesis and the intervention price

The prosthesis are performed in the case where the operation to be unnecessary, because the operation will not save the situation. Also the handling of appeals, when the men of complete helplessness.

During the installation of the prosthesis of the big expenses. In the first place – the value of their own intervention. The procedure is complicated, for a cost of less than 4000 thousands of dollars. It is also necessary to pay for the implants. They are different. The most simple costs about 1000$. The most expensive of about 4000-5000$.

the cost of penis enlargement

Without a doubt, the best use of those which are more expensive, but not every man can spend such a sum of money in a clinic. Yet the costs associated with the consultation of doctor, first home, secondary, reception, etc

Read more about the payment and the nuances one must learn to the clinic, where will be held the quick response. The key is to ask the doctor in question. If you are having doubts about the health, it is recommended to apply to another clinic.