Penis enlargement methods

Many men don't like the size of their penis, which often prompts them to use different methods to lengthen and thicken it. Medicine offers several methods of enlarging the head of the penis.

When is it necessary to increase?

glans how to enlarge

The size of the penis head is individual for each man. This indicator has no standard. It is believed that the normal size of the penis is 14-16 cm, of which 3-4 centimeters are assigned to the head. If, in the presence of such dimensions, a man is not satisfied with his intimate life, then you should consult a doctor and not resort to methods of enlarging the glans.

But there is a list of indications for a head augmentation:

  1. Abnormally small penis size.
  2. Difficulty reaching orgasm.
  3. Lack of intense sensations from sex.
  4. Reduced head sensitivity.
  5. Painful erection.
  6. Head asymmetry.

If you have a shorter than average penis length, you can consult a doctor about it. In this case, it is not necessary to resort to an operation to raise the head. There are ways to help lengthen the penis conservatively.

Magnification techniques

Medicine offers many methods of enlarging the glans. It is up to man to decide which one to use. But it is worth consulting a doctor about this.

Surgical method

Surgery to increase the size of the male penis is the most difficult method. There is a high risk of the body rejecting the implant. In addition, the operation requires long preparation and rehabilitation, and also has a large number of side effects.

Surgical intervention consists in the introduction of a special matrix into the tissues of the penis, which looks like a pillow. With the help of him, the volume of the head expands. The operation is complex, but effective enough.

Attention!In case of implant rejection, there is a possibility that an inflammatory process will develop in the penis and begin necrosis of its tissues.

Gel injection

injection to enlarge the head of the penis

The tool thickens inside the penis, which helps to stretch the foreskin.

The technique is quite effective, it helps to quickly enlarge the penis. The main substance of the gel is hyaluronic acid. The body tolerates it well, so the therapy is carried out in a short time, it does not cause side effects.

After the introduction of the gel substance, a layer of hyaluronic acid is created under the foreskin. The gel is given by injection. The tool thickens inside the penis, which helps to stretch the foreskin.

After the introduction of the gel, a man may notice such manifestations as:

  • swelling.
  • Pain syndrome.
  • Redness of the skin.

Such symptoms quickly disappear and do not lead to serious consequences.

This method also has a significant drawback. It consists in the gradual reabsorption of hyaluronic acid. Over time, the layer decreases, because the substance is absorbed by the tissues. But this method is very effective and has a minimal number of side effects.


Penis enlargement medications usually include hormones. Therefore, they often lead to hormonal imbalances in the body. Endocrine system dysfunction has negative health consequences. For this reason, drugs are rarely used to enlarge the penis.

Such funds have been used for a long time. Otherwise, the desired effect will not be achieved. Usually, the effectiveness of the drugs becomes evident only six months after the start of hospitalization. Such medicines have a large number of contraindications and side effects.

Gymnastics and massage

man doing exercises to increase the head of the penis

Before resorting to any method of enlarging the male genital organ, you should consult a specialist.

Organ massage helps to enlarge the penis at home. It is permissible to do it yourself at home. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, a gel is used. It is necessary to massage the penis for 15 minutes.

The massage is performed as follows:

  1. The gel is applied over the entire length of the male organ.
  2. They lead to a faulty erection of the penis.
  3. Grasp the organ with your fingers at the base.
  4. Direct the penis from the base down.

In addition to massaging the penis, men are advised to perform a special exercise. It is performed in a state of erection. The fingers tightly squeeze the head, lingering in this state until the penis becomes hard. After that, take a break for a few seconds and repeat the exercise.

It is also advisable to raise the erect penis as much as possible. You can also perform such an exercise to increase the head of the penis: sit in a chair, spread your legs to the sides and hit the thighs with a penis. The movements should be strong, but not painful. The penis itself should not be in an erect state.

In order for gymnastics and massage for penis enlargement to bring results, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Do not perform gymnastics and massage if unpleasant sensations appear.
  • Apply an emollient gel during exercise and massage the penis.

Gymnastics and massage help to ensure blood flow to the reproductive organ, which helps to improve erection, enlarge the penis and eliminate problems in the intimate area.

Before resorting to any method of enlarging the male genital organ, you should consult a specialist. The dissatisfaction of the stronger sex with the size of the penis does not always justify the use of these enlargement methods.